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Found 2 results

  1. Let us start with the main factor. Looks: Most girls have insecurities, whether they vocalize it or not. They do. But most girls forgot one thing. True beauty. True beauty isn't what you find in the magazines. It's not the celebrities you look up to. And it surely isn't those site models. You look at these people and think,"Man, they are so gorgeous, can I look like them." Stop. Just stop right there. I shall give you an insiders look into these women. Do you realize that most of this girls drown themselves in makeup AND use the hell out of photoshop and other editing sites? Half of these wo
  2. Well this has happen to me recently and I feel like I need to make a forum about this. Why in the hell do people need to shove their beliefs and religion down each other's throats until they believe. I find this completely unsettling. If I wanted to believe in something I would do it for myself. Not because someone wants to force me into seeing their stand point. All your life you hear about free will and freedom of choice. Well if your choice is to not have a religion then that how YOU want to live YOUR life. It's upsetting when Christianity and Catholicism claim you will burn in hell for n
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