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Found 11 results

  1. As the title says - What song, no matter how many times you listen to it, gives you the goosebumps or makes you tear up?
  2. Suicide My hope is draining away I'm dying more every day There's no reason for my existence My love gives nothing but hate My kindness Is a disgrace My goodness turns out bad *chorus* Death is the best way out It's my only choice It makes good sense to me But who the hell cares Loneliness is slowly killing Helplessness is blowing my brains out Death is the only way Touchy feely isn't my style Stay the hell away from me Death will erupt from my body If you don't stop chasing me *chorus* Kill me now Kill me fast Kill me dead :Il x3 I. Want. To DIE!!!!!! *chorus* *guitar fades*
  3. These songs made me wanna cry :[ Nirvana - Sappy Evanescence - My Immortal Nirvana - you know you were right Anberlin - younglife Nirvana - heart shaped box
  4. I need Linkin Park and Simple Plan to survive. How about you all?
  5. I took this picture at my friend's bonfire. And I really like this song so I put the lyrics that relate to it the most =)
  6. I LOVE music....it makes me a very happy Veronica. But also when a song is sad I get kinda sad too yah know? OR when the song is hatefull and mean it gets me pumbped....I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same <3
  7. I listen to A LOT of music. And whenever I here any song that's about any type of relationship, I sometimes get sad. These are some songs that make me think like that: Grenade -Bruno Mars It Will Rain -Bruno Mars Wish You Were Here -Avril Lavigne Jar Of Hearts -Christina Perri Distance -Christina Perri A Thousand Years -Christina Perri Better In Time -Leona Lewis The One That Got Away -Katy Perry Whataya Want From Me -Adam Lambert Someone Like You -Adele Until It Beats No More -Jennifer Lopez (What Is) Love? -Jennifer Lopez I'm Into You -Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil Wayne The Only Exception -Paramore Please Don't Go -Mike Posner Please Don't Leave Me -Pink Say Goodbye -Chris Brown Bittersweet -Fantasia Barrino Skyscraper -Demi Lovato Whatcha Say -Jason Derulo Battlefield -Jordin Sparks No Air -Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown Already Gone -Kelly Clarkson Goodbye -Kristinia DeBarge When I'm Alone -Lissie According To You -Orianthi Somebody To Love -Glee Version I Hate This Part -Pussycat Dolls Forever And Always: Piano Version -Taylor Swift Breathe -Taylor Swift You're Not Sorry -Taylor Swift Back To December -Taylor Swift The Story Of Us -Taylor Swift White Horse -Taylor Swift Teardrops On My Guitar -Taylor Swift Tim McGraw -Taylor Swift What's yours?
  8. Mine would have to be probably out of them all "Situations" by ~ Escape the Fate c:
  9. Anyone like Radiohead here? if so, what's your favourite song by them?
  10. Soo this is a place where u can all list some cool songs that you think some people may not have heard before... "history erased" by spoken "im so sick" by flyleaf
  11. My pillow was pressed against my face for 3 whole minutes. For 3 whole years. You're eyes were exquisite. Your smile so bright. I met you 3 years ago. I wrote 3 songs for you. I've been gone for 4 months. Breaking the streak.
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