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Found 2 results

  1. Alright so I've been doing extensive research on the difference between emo and goth and here's what I found. Yes you can be goth and emo at the same time but really it's your choice. EMO There are actually different kinds of emos out there. *Please note that you may be listed under several* A.) Cutting Emos- These are the emos that obviously cut themselves. These tend to be the more emotional ones with a severe need to mask their pain. Why do they cut the themselves? Generally it's because there's a nerve that makes them feel good. It doesn't last very long though so cutting is often over an extensive period of time. Not all of these emos wear black. Most real cutting emos try to hide who they are because they are often ashamed of who they are and what they have done.Cutting emos think of suicide on a daily basis most of the time. Some don't wear black. Actually these emos may look bright and happy a lot of the time. Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside. B.) Romance Emos- These emos focus mainly on love. They're never truly happy with it. Their lives might be perfectly fine- except they may have problems with love. They become obsessed with anything love related and their own relationships crumble because they focus too much on other relationships. Most romance emos are also cutting emos as romance is a huge fml factor. C.) Poser Emos- These emos.. are depressing. They may seem like a romance emo, or gothic but really they aren't. They struggle with being emo. They have perfectly normal lives and perfectly normal relationships that they fuck up on purpose. Poser emos feel the need to 'be cool' or 'fit in' when they often already do. They pretend to like metal, screamo, and rock. They dress in all black and a lot of the time talk about how their lives suck. Poser emos are very easy to pick out from the rest of the crowd because they seem to try too hard. D.) Hardcore Emos- These emos are a mix of cutters and romancers. Mostly all gothic. These emos are constantly attempting suicide. They don't talk too much. They do wear all black. Often hardcore emos aren't too friendly. Which leads to many other issues. If you were to look at their wrists you would see a mess of fresh and old cuts and scars. Don't take these emos for granted they usually have a tough life. That's enough for the emos I think you get the jist of it. Goth Short for gothic. I'm not going to give you the history of the goths because that's what google is for. Generally goths wear black,just like emos, goths hate not their lives but the thought of life in general. It's not that they don't like it, it's just that they don't really give a shit. They usually smoke, drink, or do drugs but emos can do that as well. Gothic people are drawn more to the darker side of life and are often into witch craft and spells. Voodoo is not uncommon. Since Twilight exists goths do not include people who are obsessed with vamps and werewolves(unless emo is involved.) Goths, unlike emos, are not emotionally challenged. Just people with disdain for life. *Yawn* well this is now boring me so yeah imma end this. If you have any other emo types- feel free to list them, I know I did not get them all. This information is based on various sources and opinions*****
  2. Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... A text for me From you, my sweet I open it in eagerness But what do I see? "This thing between us Will never work I don't want to be friends, either I'm deleting your number Don't talk to me anymore Goodbye." Glass shatters Glass? No... That was my heart. That was my mind. All this time You said "good morning beautiful" every day You said "until tomorrow, my love" each night And I smiled for you I loved you And I... I wasn't the one that betrayed you. And I never would. But I can promise that she will.
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