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Found 19 results

  1. I wish I had some/a: Bell Bottom Jeans (Mini)skirt Made of Snakeskin Acid-Washed Jeans Acid-Washed Jean Jacket/Vest There's more too, but I can't quite recall the rest.
  2. Hell is empty, All the demons and beasts, Are trapped here in the abyss of our own minds. I could not ask to be saved, With all the harm I made The idea seems rather impossible. Once my only salvation was… pain Death seemed so close to me, I felt like I could hold its hand.. Still I found my shining light, It is you my dear, always And always will be you. You took my pain You took my sorrow You stole my anger And you made me have a new tomorrow. This feeling we share, it’s something so special Mear words cannot describe it, so I’ll just put it like this: You rescued me from the pit in which I laid to waste Made me shine a light thought the darkness, I could only hope that you’d share this feeling with me forever I could only hope that it won’t end, ever. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Alternative ending: Still I lost my shred of light, It is you my dear, always And always has been you. You loved my pain You fed off my sorrow You raised my anger And you made me wish for new tomorrow. It’s time to unleash the dark To finally kill the Light’s spark Join me and we will cause destruction together Join me and I will make this feeling last forever.
  3. Griffith Gallion


    From the album: Me!

  4. I love rapping. But, I'm working on my singing and I want to learn "Dragostea Din Tei". In fact, I'm listening to it right now, the original (Romanian) version. How about you? =D
  5. I would want either a scorpion (I'm a scorpio), a dragon (More fun to fly on than a plane ), or a snake (They're all like: hissssssssss.....) Or maybe a penguin... Wobble, wobble. What weird and exotic animals would you guys want as a pet?
  6. Recently, I've been flailing my arms around alot. How 'bout you?
  7. Right now, I really like applesauce and the word apple. Strawberry flavoured applesauce rocks. How bout you guys and gals? What (kinds of) food do you simply adore????
  8. I need Linkin Park and Simple Plan to survive. How about you all?
  9. I say : Prove it! Uber! Coolie Rad Pice! As Fine As Cream Gravy! Tuck yer shirt tail in! Your spurs are all tangled up! DAMN YOU GRAVITY!!!!!!!!!! My spoon is too big...:/ BOOMAGE/Pownage/Ownage/ You just got powned! Shlice!/Slice! and a TON more XD but i can't think of em right now... there's just TOO MANY! XD
  10. Nobody knows the real me. Nobody knows how many times I've sat in my room and cried, how many times I've lost hope, how many times I've been let down. Nobody knows how many times I've had to hold back the tears, how many times I've felt like I'm about to snap but don't just for the sake of others. Nobody knows the thoughts that go through my head whenever I'm sad, how horrible they truly are. Nobody knows me.
  11. What was the best concert(s) you've ever been to? I'm going to my first concert: Linkin Park in three days . I was wondering what concerts ya'll have been to and how they were.
  12. Okay so this is something I want to get off my shoulders because it happened to me last night and it's been happening ALL SUMMER. Okay so for some reason my dad won't let me pull "all nighters" on Summer break. No matter how far school is from starting. I've been staying up late and pulling all nighters ALL Summer and for some reason he has a problem with it. I don't know what the heck is his problem. I'm posting this because I'm curious if other people out there get the freedom to stay up all night or if there parents are the same way. On the other hand I don't blame my dad though because he's like 56 lol. But he just makes me so mad when he pulls this crap and I'm sick of it. So reply if your parents let you stay up all night or they get pissy like my dad does. Just curious. Thanks for reading :3
  13. From the album: Bleaccch Hair ;3

  14. Fomo_Hag

    Baby I love you

    From the album: Red Head <3

  15. I always forget what my face looks like, and what Dunkin Donuts' menu is. What can you just never remember?
  16. Ummmm....I'm not sure how this works....I'll hope it came out right So I drew this on the computer. On deviantART.
  17. You and I He holds her hand through the whole thing something less of comfort it pains her to see him like this closed off, dark it haunts her to know how much he really cares it's like there's no one else just her just him the world around them simply empty seems lonely,seems hopeless but without him she knows, she'd drift away the wind a powerful friend takes her down and far from all the places she's been and he would never last a day without her for remember she's all he has the one thing keeping him alive this my darling, is like you and i. </3 - the echoes(torn apart)
  18. Dear Love, Fuck you, For all the shit you've put me through. Dear Love, I hate you, Enjoy it, do you? Well no more, My heart is torn. You've ruined me for life, Stabbed me with your knife. I've played your game for far too long, Too long I've danced to your siren song. Dear Love, Why? Why do you enjoy making me cry? You've made me scream aloud, Dear Love, Are you proud? You have broken me, You've laughed at my plee. My plee for you to let me go, I beg of you... But No. Dear Love, You've changed me, For the better possibly. Dear Love, I love you, Even after what you've put me through. Why?, I sigh, Dear Love, You've made me who I am.
  19. I boxed up all your things, hoping that one day you would return Wishing that you would just saunter back into my life, smiling like you do Laughing like you had no care in the world Gliding past my ever present fears and hugging me for the thousandth time And I missed those hugs, the way that you would hold me the way that you would look at me Almost as if I was all you could afford to see As if I was the most prettiest thing in the world to you As if I held all the beauty of the planet in one spot No That was you. All you. Every second of your life was a spitting image of perfect The spitting image of grace And no doubt the spitting image of love -The Echoes(Past Longing)
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