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Body modification c:


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This blogs in the emo style section. .-.

But yes, I have 1/2s plugs, a Monroe, my navel, and a labret. I used to have dahlias as well but unfortunately, they closed when I started working.

I get my first tattoo in four months, so I'm pretty ecstatic.

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yes I have 4mm tunnels in my ears and well, does a side cut count?


very technically speaking if you change the natural form of your body in ANY way (shaving, dying your hair, etc) it's counted as body modification, it's just so common and *not* extreme that people don't really think of it as body modification.

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I think my gauges are... 7/15ths? I dunno. I have a tat on my hip, a trampstamp. One on each of my calves. One on my foot, my thigh, and one on my back.

I have snakebites, and im pretty sure my septums closed in now. Clit piercing (yeahhh...) My tummys pierced.

I have my nose pierced. And besides my gauges, I have some piercings up and down my ear. I dont wear them often though.

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