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Missing teenager since October, please read.

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This girl was 14 when she went missing from New Hampshire. She turned 15 three days later. She missed her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other major events, as well as the entire school year. There is at least one Facebook page and other sites dedicated to finding her. Since members here are from everywhere, I thought it might be a good idea to put out some information on her here. Someone might see her, see something, or hear something. Here is a link to give you more information:




This page will show links to other sites (and several Facebook pages) that have been established to help find her. This is a very sad story so beware. Her name is Abigail Hernandez. I know about this in detail because I am a member on a website where missing person cases are discussed. There have been no real clues and no leads that anyone is aware of. Thank you.

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I should have updated this. She returned home after being gone for 9 months and her alleged kidnapper is being held on a million dollars bail, currently pending further court procedures. If you want to know more about the case, Google her name (in my original post). There is plenty of information about this on various news sites.

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