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Cheesus ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

True love

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I woke today to a message that made my heart melt, and my lips upturn into a cheerful grin,

The past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions, but the beautiful boy who has my heart took away all my fears and sadness, the kind of sadness that consumes your mind and heart, with words that would make Shakespeare feel humble and warm inside.

My love for him is deeper than an ocean, so wide, and not once does it waver when I think of him, my heart is content, my love flowing and growing stronger each day.

I thank him as he did me for loving me, and for caring about me, a thing which I thought would never be possible for someone to do, but your love has shown me a whole new world, a world where love rides on shooting stars, each moment I spend there I know that I have my wish, and my wish was to find someone as beautiful as you.

You have been through struggles in your life and I hope I have helped to cure some of those cracks that are visible on your once broken heart , and I hope that I was the one who nursed you back to life , as I love you and never want to see you hurt and broken. Someone as wonderful as you deserves to smile, your eyes are too beautiful to be dull and lifeless, as your eyes are perfect, and sparkle and shine when your heart is content, and I love to see you that way.

With you by my side I feel like anything is possible, I feel I can achieve greatness as you give me the confidence and love I have always hoped for.

People ask others where they see there selves in a few years’ time, some say they want to be rich, some want fancy cars or a majestic castle, but all I want is to be in your arms, because when I am with you, when I hear your voice, I am the richest girl in the world, my small and humble house feels like a castle, with you as my king, and I need no fancy cars as your love allows me to fly,

I love you so much, and with you I have learnt that love really does conquer all , you are perfect , and you are all I need and want , again I love you, more than anything <3

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