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Starting to make music


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Your singing = great


Your guitar skills = I'm jealous


Your production values = terrible.You need to be able to mix and master sounds, or at least be able to round out anything rough, get some free drum samples and smooth everything out. Also, don't bother with home-made music vids like these, focus your time on making your music quality much better. I use FL Studio 12 myself, it has pretty much everything you need. Put that guitar through the Parametric EQ 2, boost the bright frequencies a little under 0db then put it through soem compression and/or a flanger. For the vocals, feel free to chop them up a bit, maybe but them through a Vocoder, again slap on some compression and/or flanger and/or reverb. FL 12 does cost a bit, but it's worth it, and while I don't condone pirating, if you're passionate enough but don't have money, that's an option. 

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