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Story of a girl

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once upon a time, there was a little girl that grew up in constant torment and tension.

every step she took was a mistake to the world.

she was born of her parents mistake and they never let her forget.

In school she tried to go unnoticed, but no matter what she did, how she pretended to smile or who she tried to be, she was made miserable by her peers, thinking she was some foreign disease

The silence was the best of her younger years, she could sing and scream and just exist, making all the noise she could, yet she was never heard.

When she was alone she cover her arms in pretty lines, bleeding the crimson sin dwelling just beneath the surface, and it's never enough penitence to make up for the crimes she never committed.

When she got older, her smile was believed, because still no one cared, she still cuts, even to today.

But for a short time, she had happiness. She had the partner of her dreams and they spoke of everything and it seemed the connection they shared would be eternal,

But one day, he began to pull away. she fell silent and tried to help him smile, and pretended it was just a bad day, then a rough patch in his life,

pretty soon she couldn't pretend anymore and she knew she'd been loosing the one thing she's always needed and with it went the hope she tried so desperately to hold on to.

As he pulls further and further away, he takes her ability to Love, the light he instilled behind her eyes, the faith she put in him, the strength she never knew she possessed.

 this crippling agony of loosing the best thing in her life spread like a cancer, consuming everything inside her, slowly disintegrating her organs.

 her heart, the strongest part of her held on so long, it forgot how to beat, for she held her breath, hoping it passes, preying he'll around and they'll find their Love once again

a month later, it's still no better, she can't eat, all her bloods been spilt and the river of her soul pours from her eyes.

She tries hard as she can to show him it's ok, that they can speak, that everything's alright,

yet further he pulled.

Smiling as her body shuts down, she wonders, does he know that I gave my life for his happiness, will he ever know just all that he means to me?

The answer is a clear no, for he never went to her funeral, told himself he had work but drank away the afternoon, still stuck in his bitter loneliness,

She watches everyday, as a spirit. Can he feel me? Does he know I still Love him.

Still this is a no, for he's blinded by the hanis crimes of life, and can't let go of his past.

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