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even MLP gets it...

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America, 'Land of the Free' is becoming the new North Korea.

If it wasn't for anime and the American greed, we wouldn't have much access to the outside world.


I just tried to find my favorite non-conformity picture. it was taken off the interwebs.

I tried to find the Facebook page I first found it on, Conspiracy Watchers. The page was taken down.

I looked for this image for my English final and turned to My Little Pony for the next best thing.


The photo I was searching for was a shirtless man staring at a large screen with a long list of what he can't do, how he should conform and at the bottom it says 'now say I am free'.


The absence of this photo proves to me what I've seeing most of my life:

that to be free in land of the free, you must abandon who you are and become one with the stream so it all flows smoothly.


Gandhi went against the grain, was abused, mocked and such until other saw he was right, that humans are individuals and we all have our freedoms.


MLP paraphernalia was banned in a high school from being sported by boys due to homosexual related bullying, even though most who sported MLP backpacks, pins, belts and other accessories were straight.


This is the photo I'm using for my final:

Apparently the brony community has noticed what the masses have been trained to overlook.

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But, MLP is just another trending fan-base of the mindless sheep that have no interest, hobbies, or motivations, or identity outside the series. 


No disrespect to the series but the fans on the other hand... The fans clearly have not spent a lot of time figuring out their personal beliefs, faith or the cause that the champion if they only just consider it to be worthwhile just because some trending piece of media told them so.


Make you own decisions in life and take every step of the way to protect yourself from cruelty and ignorance but don't go crapping all over it because you only got the drive to do it from little pony people.

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