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Shortended life span :D

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I'll spare details, those are boring. Basically, I'm constantly ill every day of my life. Yeah yeah, it sucks, I care more about being bored honestly. I'm not one to whine, being ill ain't that bad, I can deal with it...everyone's gonna die eventually, right? What's a little sooner..?


Is what I would have said not long ago. But now I have a reason to live. I have people I love and friends I'd sacrifice anything for. I have dreams now that I never had, I want to do things when I used to just  look forward to the next day, hoping I'd actually wake up. I finally have something to live for, and now...I'm actually scared about dying early...I want to live the life I feel like I should, be able to tell my fiancée things when we wake up inn the morning together, have fun with friends, go to parties and get a little tipsy...all these things people get to do but I couldn't. I'm 16 and I only have about 10~ years to live. I've never been scared before in my life but now I actually am...


I'm sorry, I just needed to get that out. No one wants to hear me complain and whine, so I needed to let that out somehow.


Anyway, back to my usual occupation of being an asshole. How is everyone today :D!

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I sort of know the feeling (though they haven't really given me a set timespan, which is rather strange). Hopefully you've been coping better with your situation than I've been with mine. I pretty much 'self destructed' for a good year or so.


Boredom is definitely a big issue with me when it comes to this. Before the diagnosis and the treatments and blahblahblah, I had the 'meh, tomorrow will be better, what's one day of not doing anything?' mindset but now I feel like I totally wasted a day whenever I don't take advantage of it, lol.


Hopefully you're doing well<3.

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