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Hair dye ummm I'm lost in a rainbow


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so, I've been begging my parents let me dye my hair. They are finally giving me complete freedom over it, only issue is I have no idea what color I want it I've always had my natural dark brown hair, but I'm sort of slightly tan cuz im Puerto Rican. A girl I know that frequently dyes her hair and others hair said I would look weird with colored hair honestly don't care about that but at same time I really don't know what color... Any suggestions?

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Go with your favourite colour. We don't really get much of a reference on what would look good because 1.) we don't have decent pics of you, and even if we did it'd be difficult to get a read until after you've dyed it anyway, and 2.) each dye of a different brand will look different, even if it's the same colour. Every brand you go to will have a different blue and green and red.


Also notice how I spelt it colour. #OPEurope

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