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Does anyone like BOTDF

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yeah the biggest, most disgusting, hateful, brain washing cult of faggot pedophiles in the history of scene that verbally attacked an 11 year old, told their fans to attack a 13 year old fan that got some of their merch from ebay instead of putting her money into their pockets and had also had a fan in Michigan that tried to shove a hot curling iron up another girls vagina because said girl said their music doesn't save lives. They are hypocritical ass fucks and try to preach peace with such lyrics as "shove a cactus up your ass" and "bitches get stitches." I hate them, I hate their music, i hate their fans, i hate their plagiarism, i hate the shit stain that is anyone over 20 fucking years old who hasn't grown out of the scene phase and is still trying to tap 14 year old poon. Sick fucks....

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