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Rebuilding EP

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Ok so here's the deal. I miss Ep. as far as i can tell this place is doing nothing but collecting cob webs. So with that being said ive been here a long time. (multiple accounts do to terrible time remembering passwords.)but from here on i have a challenge for everyone who's reading this. Tell your friends to tell they're friends make this place go bump in the night once more. Also Any admins who see this....PLEASE MESSAGE ME

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This place being dead isn't the worst fucking thing. People grew up and moved on to better things.




Besides even if it was lively what would change? Same topics and themes all over the place like such topics as


I want an emo relationship

emo art,

emo poem,

emo hair emo,

emo fashion,

emo music

i want to sit on jeff the killer's face

emo issue's like "i'm so depressed and suicidal but i can still be bothered to spend hours on fluffing my hair, fixing my make up and make it absolutely mandatory that i wear only hot topic clothes but yet i still can't be bothered to sleep or eat properly because hello i'm suicidal and don't have energy and i don't care any more waaaghhh!."




Such a diverse pattern! i wounder why anyone would ever get tired and leave?! 


yeah let's rebuild all that retarded shit again.....

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