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what kinda music you into? :3

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Stuff like this.



Where do bad folks go when they die?
They come to my cellar where I cut out their eyes,
Another sacrifice for the lord of the flies.
Dante's inferno, Hell's flames will rise.
It's no surprise the other side talks to me.

On June six, the demon's will walk the earth with me.
Spiritually, I'm connected to the dead.
I can free them from the grave by carving pentagrams in my head.
God said if I eat the brain of man I can obtain the knowledge to survive through the wastelands.
My eyes bled as my mind expands.
Fire falls from the sky cause the world's in Satan's hands.
The saints of time will not stop in it's place.
And when the devil shows his face, we will wipe out the human race.
Saying grace won't help you now.
As the sky turns black and maggots fall from the clouds.


I know its not the traditional idea of emo music but emo stands for emotional and its definitely emotional.

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All kinds of stuff. Sunny Day Real Estate, Knapsack, Kid Dynamite, Dillinger Four, Elliott, The Strokes, The Get Up Kids, Silverstein, As I Lay Dying, Still Remains, Eighteen Visions, Attack Attack!, Design The Skyline, The GazettE, D'espairsray, Vamps, Lynch, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Nuteki, Kit-I, Medusa'scream, Stigmata, Origami, A Vain Attempt, Killwhitneydead, The Irish Front, Carnifex, Seether, Three Days Grace, Framing Hanley, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Capture The Crown, Asking Alexandria, Zonaria, Battlecross, Brain Drill, Rings Of Saturn, Animosity, Dead Poetic, A Thorn For Every Heart, Modern Day Escape, Secrets Kept In Suicide, etc listen to tons of bands/artists from different genres. 

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When I was growing up all I could listen to was country, but now that I'm older I listen to rock and some rap

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