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Is anyone alive? :P

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My theories into what happened to everyone that went missing. 


1. If they where always going around sobbing about killing themselves, they probably killed themselves. RIP


2. They said something stupid and redundant and when someone laid down some facts to them they got embarrassed and just never came back


3. They got caught faking a site models identity and just didn't bother to come back or maybe got banned


4. They are currently trying to start a horrible scremo band called Unicorn killed my girlfriend.


5. They followed Eugenia Cooney's emo cult and fell into an anorexic death


6. They hang out at google plus where they can role play as site model characters and get thumbs up and likes and compliments just for sharing photos of emo couples and my chemical romance lyrics. Because why not get attention and praise for shit you hardly took any personal effort into doing. 


7. ONE person possibly got the emo dream of a lifetime and actually does work at the bullshit hot topic maybe has said nothing because the other emos will be jealous.


8. They get triggered when the topic of Donald Trump comes up on the internet 


9. They hooked up with some pedophile somewhere down the road who is 27 and appeals to them cause he dresses all black too and is a total man child he likely lives off social security checks for some very vague mental illness. They stay off social media cause their friends couldn't appreciate the relationship or something. They're gonna settle till the fucker gets arrested or some shit cause they found that emo boyfriend they been hunting for since forever and you know how emo teens are, as long as it's an emo that's not fat all other standards, details and personality traits are irrelevant.


10. Emo is actually MAINSTREAM. it has been MAINSTREAM in the last 7 freaking years but they are now catching on that it was MAINSTREAM and CONFORMIST and they immediately had to transition into another subculture like, ethereal moon children, straigth edge or nu kei to ensure they are still rare special snowflakes. Cause no one is gonna give a fuck anymore that they keep popping up on social media repeating over and over. "I'm emo, i'm emo, this is just who i am, i'm emo, i'm an emo, I am declaring that i am an emo! this is my personality and identity. Emo! Emo 4-ever! You need know literally nothing else but the fact that i am an emo! acknowledge me as special! I'm emo!"


11.They are reading and creating fan-fiction where they are hooking up with Andy Biersack. Sometimes Andy is a Rapist Vampire in their universe sometimes he turns into Jeff the killer or whatever makes perpetual 12 year old's cream themselves.


12. They have no life skills cause all they did was listen to music, stalk fanbase forums watch anime and creepy pastas and need to find some work when they turn 18. So lots of lazy asshole coming into age get stationed into the military over seas.


13. Most of them fancy themselves as awkward... ahem i mean "mysterious" Gothic-like loners in the first place. Maybe they are finally doing it properly.Cause the "mysterious" ones always did have a habit of being in our faces about just how mysterious and vexing their lives are.


14. Maybe they grew the fuck up already and feel stupid for why they obsessed with being emo and trying to get everyone to respect emo and pick fights with people who stereotype emo's instead of being mad at the emos that perpetuate the stereotype. Sometimes it's time for people to stop wasting their damn lives. 


These are all possibilities, some more likely then others.

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I'm still occasionally around, a decade later, seeing what's happening.

Sadly, we all know what.

Just made me realise I remember when this was started, when I was 14.

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