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Where is my strength? When I need to grow larger then this seed I'm stuck in it seems my roots won't take to the soil I have been given. Fear of breaching the surface, facing the sunny sky's my one life has to offer me. Fear of the raining storms and freezing conditions I must survive in. I keep getting small bits of water, barley enough to survive. I know there is more up there but the solitude and warmth here pleases me. Who needs to grow anyways? If I don't things will never, ever change. I will never feel the warmth of the sun, nor the heat of the sweaty palms that picks me out of love for another. I will never blossom to my full potential or feel the tears of joy from the families who've gained a new life. I will never feel the pain of a child stepping on me or the wind that so graciously brought me to this very spot. I will feel nothing outside of this lonely shell ever and I can't handle the idea of never experiencing anything. Even if I am a little weed in this world full of roses and daisies I must know what its like to be picked, looked at and cherished even if its only for a few seconds. Because I am a flower and despite what I may become I was made to grow.

I think my roots jut took to the dirt.

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