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Does anyone ever get to that point and survive, I've been to it and stopped but it always comes back so is it really avoidable?

I'd like to think that it is but like I'm stuck in this back and forth cycle of death or life.

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Yes I suffer with bipolar and PTSD and it's often a struggle for me. I doubt I could ever do it though because I care about a lot of people.

Even though people may think I don't care about them, deep down I do care for them a lot. I'm just afraid of getting hurt again and abused like I went through with my ex....

Why you thinking these thoughts? Do you suffer with depression or anything like that? Do you see a therapist?

I'm focusing on myself right now and I'm healing slowly which I think is good. Trust me, it's not worth it in the end.

If you ever need to talk, please pm me okay?

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