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Donuts, bad accents, pig parties and other ventures

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These aren't stories/memory that have any real significance. It's just occurrences from my youth that i want to recount to my soon maturing niece. I figured, well she's not the only teen that needs guidance or a personal story to relate to so it's share time. 


The first one i shall call...

the webster drive youth group.


It was summer i was 19, and working at a new dunkin donuts. I had been working for the same chain for a few months only now i had gotten transferred to a different one but still in the same town. I was not initially chosen to be moved but another employee had hesitations. I did not care either way. In my entire lifespan i have been known to be a placid and indifferent individual. I never rooted myself or attached myself to what was familiar and repetitive. I was maybe the only one of the originals in the work group that didn't exchange numbers or socialized freely when it was work time and not my own time. 


The transfer in itself was no issue i was familiar with what to do, be it inventory, register, cleaning. The weeks of work went by with no real occurrence. There was however a 17 year old girl i worked the same shift with tuesdays and fridays with. She was visibly pregnant and i'd loved to say that i didn't really care either way or i simply do not pay notice, it was not a huge deal to me, i had cousins and the teen girlfriend of my brother that was pregnant. It didn't phase me. I liked minding my own business. Or At least that had always been the case before hand. That changed when THEY entered the establishment one unfortunate day.


The Youth group she was acquainted with back in her sophomore year of high school. On the surface they seemed quite, nice and tame and the encounter wasn't odd as the order and service exchanges took place. I was managing the register as she was gathering the requested donuts for their full dozen order. Nothing odd there. 


It wasn't until i was clocked out and proceeded toward my bike around 6 in the evening that i was approached by 2 of them. A girl and a boy. They seem to want to berate at me about her. About the "sinful tramp." I didn't know what to make of the situation. I don't know them, i don't really know her for that matter. I mounted my bike and briefly explain i only work with her and i no longer even attend high school. They seemed convinced and went on their way. I went to my baby sitting job from there, simple as that, just dismissing it as silly highschool petty nonsense. 

Sadly i would see the girl again some days latter.  Then again and again through the summer of my employment there. She'd smile at me and try to make conversations as i worked while it was not very busy and had a light customer flow. Asked about my college plans and tuition and my babysitting... I forced a fake mannerism of flattery and equal interest but it simply could not have been more obvious that she was going through such a show of fawning over me as she ignored or made no attempt to acknowledge my co-worker. Sometimes she came with a friend. 

This insincerity made me nauseous. Anyone else may very well be sold on being called cool or pretty but of course i was mute most of my childhood and in social situations now i just rather avoid it then go into it with training wheels. I'm stoic and disinterested but the point seemed to be that they could boast about hanging out with a 19 year old college student all summer... Be it a boring one like myself i was doing nothing but trying to earn my paychecks.


I knew i would have to find some way to deter them from me and from making my coworker uncomfortable all together. I would have to do so playing their game.


Rest of this story is soon to come. 




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