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Guest miss-mad


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Guest 100%BrokeN

I have another couple:

I dyed a bitch from my schools eybrows blue when she was asleep

I was the one who trashed the athletics equipment in PE cause I didn't want to do it

I was the one who started the school waterfight during winter (sorry if you got a cold principalXD)

And this is all for now... I was the one who broke the guys nose in the fight (not my fault he couldn't defend)

Lolz this is such a good way to feel better :)

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i have a confession...







































































































































the cake is a lie


OMFG!! hahaha, portal?

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Guest crimson-cloverXxX

i have a confession, i still love my ex... like alot, and i feel like aa right cunt for going off at him... and i made a promise that i wouldn't talk to him again... well that was 2 days of fcking tourture..and i gave up and talked to him, but now i think he hates me -_-"

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I have a confession.


I'm afraid I'll kill people when I grow up. Torture them, and turn into one of those sicko's you always hear about on the news and hate with all your heart.

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Guest crimson-cloverXxX

haha i doubt it xD

my older bro has the same facinations and he still hasn't killed anyone and he's 30!!!xD

he is atheer annoying but i love hiim <3

he's about the only person i can trust and rely on.

...you wont kill anyone

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Guest x II cL4Rk II x

I'd be lying if I said I never had homicide thoughts...

I've wanted to kill this one guy for so long...

there's been so many times I could have ran up

behind him and plunged a knife into his neck...


but sadly I have neither the tooks

nor the balls to go through with it

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I always think like that. I suck in society and have never fit into it since I was a little kid. The only thing that keeps me calm in a crowd is thinking of all the ways I could kill the people there. It adds a perverse kind of confidence in yourself. It's like, if I can kill this person, why the hell should I be shy to talk to him. U know wat I mean?

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Guest x II cL4Rk II x

I've got a confession....

my freind got jumped in school yesterday...


it was 3 people, all he did was tell them to stop throwing snowballs at his girlfreind

and he got absoloutly destroyed...

there was blood all over the floor, his nose was fuched and one of his pupils was tiny. basicly nothing.

me, Rhys and davids girlfriend waited fir the teachers to let him out the toilet to get into the ambulance

when he came out all I could do was smile and nod at him

I looked like a twat

I looked happy to see him

but I was dying inside...

it was my equivelent of watching Jesus carry the cross

David was a saint, he really did nothing wrong, to anybody, ever

if I was there I would if taken the beating fir him.....

he's got a heart of gold, he didn't deserve that...

he has no idea just how sorry I am

not just that I wasn't here

because I couldn't be a friend to help him.

I haven't heard from him all night.

I really hope he's okay.

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Shit, I wish I was there. If anyone messes with me and mine, they end up in the hospita.

I've got an aluminum baseball, gloves with spike knuckles, and a shitload of little sharp shit.

Yea, I've actually used 'em all. :-) hehe

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Guest crimson-cloverXxX


no offence, but you would LOSE against all the lebs here,

doesn'y matter what you have, you'll lose.

and me and my mates always get jumped in public.

quite embaressing atcually..

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