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playlist trade with Sandra <3

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Dear Sandra


i don't hear from you in the inboxes anymore. if you're around hit me up if you want. update me on your life chica or drop me you're cell number or another social media account. Your twitter account seems to be down following that thing with your ex stalker girlfriend?  i don't frequent everyday so in the event that i left you hanging i finally got around to alphabetizing my emotive band list for you since you shared all your under ground pagan playlist and reflective music with me and i only drop very few titles and albums for you.  i know... i know it took me too fucking long....  i just have this thing about sharing my shit cause it's the legit emotive music and i don't think most people are worthy of being aware to it.  The underrated secret stash is the pride and blood of underground music lovers... But i'm gonna just let it go cause you appreciated the other albums and titles. You might know a lot of these from Canada but i'll place them in just in case.


a petal fallen 

acrobat down

adobe home

algernon  cadwallader

all my wishes are down a well and should die there

allegory of the cave 


amber inn

ambulance Ltd



angel falls

another sevenfold

antioch arrow

astrolab arm

arse moreira

at the drive in

audience of one

Those are all the A bands, and i'm already feeling typed out. i'll sort out another page when i have the time.  Hope you come give me an update soon. Please drop more pagan/ethereal bands. 

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