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do you have uniforms at school?

Guest freak

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Yup I have uniforms. But it's pretty lenient.

Navy/Black/Khaki pants/shorts/skirts (I usually wear skinnies)

Navy/Red/White shirt. (Must have collar and buttons but can be a button down shirt.

ID on at all times. (Even though I don't really wear it.

jackets and hoodies can be any color. Shoes any color. Piercings and wild hair colors allowed.

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I'm used to uniforms and don't see them as a big deal. Of course, the last time I wore a uniform in school was way back in 2006 aha.

Did have to wear an army uniform for 2 years I was in, I only had to wear the office style uniform which was convenient to change out of when leaving unlike the typical uniform which most don't bother changing out of due to the hassle.

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On my other school we used to have a full school uniform which I hated (catholic private school so really strict about dress codes) . On my new one its only a school shirt and jeans. Dyed hair and Piercings and ripped clothing are not allowed which sucks.

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I had to wear a uniform in high school.  It was fine.  Almost all primary and secondary schools here, private or public, have a designated uniform.


I'm glad my uni doesn't have a uniform.  We have a dress code that's only enforced in university offices and in certain buildings; The other buildings, not so much.  Dress code is no sleeveless tops, shorts and skirts for girls have to be past their fingertips when standing straight, no shorts for guys, and closed toe shoes.

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