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Misery Loves Me

Whats Your Natural Hair Color?

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Mine is strawberry blonde=it's a type of red hair, it’s a very light orange-y color.

And I hate it, it was the only thing that everyone first sees about me, not to mention it's made me a target for my mom, saying that my red hair contributed to my temper, or that that's what guys like is red heads, yeah, like I want a guy wanting to fuck me just because of my hair color.  :dodgy:

I dyed it black back in December, pissed off my mom and she was stupid enough to think it had something to do with her :dry:, like I did it just to make her angry. Now she's been saying to people she thinks that the hair dye soaked into my brain, yeah, can you blame me for hating her? Anyhow, I plan on dying the tips or roots blood red or blueish purple this late summer/early autumn. I've gotta recolor my hair soon, you can already see my ugly honey blonde roots.  :@

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My natural hair color is super rare
I help make up the 1% - 2% of the world who has it 

I am not a ginger 
but i am a combination
hazel brown
and Orange

and then I killed it and died it black XD

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I was like a dirty blonde, but then I died it for the first time a bluish black and I loved it but once it faded I tryed a burgandy but it didn't work out so now I've been just keeping it a bluish black but right now on top of my head you can see my blonde trying to show it's self again lol I've always wanted black hair and have blue eyes but I'm stuck with dying my hair black and I have hazel eyes close enough I guess

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