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Pick a piercing?


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Okay, what's the point of corsets? They sound kind of stupid, it like they on your back, most clothing covers your back and if arch your back-UGH! I don't even imagine much less describe it.


Do you have snakebites? I dig those. Or double spider bites. Sternum piercing are ok, until you get those huge ones that look like door knockers. Eyebrow pierecings are pretty awesome, too...Or get a cheek pierecing and get one of those ear rings with a chain attached to a cheek ring....so basically, i love all piercings. But I'm only 13. No piercings aloowed, except ears. Grrr....

There's no such thing as double spider bites, you are either thinking of shark bites or medusa bites. Depending on where you want them.


On my ears, I want 0g-1/2 gauges on both ears, a bar on my left ear, five cartilage piercings on each.

On my lips, start out with spider bites then upgrade to shark bites (maybe upgrade to cyber bites when I get tired/bored), a half angel on the right, dahlias, maybe a labret.

And septum ring, two eyebrow piercings on my left eyebrow and one on my right one.


I hope to get these piercings when I'm 15-16. When I can finally leave 'home'.

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