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favorite stores 4 what ever

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eBay (I'm cheap), American Eagle (love their stuff), Walmart (in a pinch), anyplace online that has what I'm after.

Music: eBay and GoHastings (cheap used CDs to rip MP3s from).

Food: Burger King and Wendys, Taco Bell, Walmart for groceries.

Clothes: American Eagle.

Car: anything Ford makes.

Computer: Dell

Hair Stylist: Supercuts

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Wally World, Hot Topic, American Eagle, and this store called Rainbow (they have a lot of cute clothes and gheyre super cheap!)

I also like thrift shopping.

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I just recently started shopping in Hot Topic, but have loved them since I was 8 and I wasn't even emo/goth/scene at that age. Mostly the reason why I haven't always shopped in there is because their shit is so fucking expensive it's crazy.


Shirts/Hoodies: Hot Topic, Goodwill, Cato, TJMaxx, JCPenny (well, sometimes, when they have sales) and I'm hoping to get some boy (I'm a girl, is that weird? Whatever, idc) tees (y'know the ones with impertinent/bold/sarcastic remarks on 'em?) from Wal-mart and South Park tees from Target or some of the places I previously mentioned.


Pants: Goodwill and Hot Topic.


Makeup: Big-Lots, Wal-Mart and Claire's.


Accessories: Claire's (Mostly during Halloween, because they have arm-warmers with spider webs, skulls, etc.), Hot Topic and Cato.


Shoes: Journey (though I haven't bought from them in 3-4 years, hahaha :lol:, mostly because I still haven't out grown the ones I've had since I was 11/12) and TJMaxx.


Other: Joann Fabrics (for their jewelry, scrapbooking stuff, books, make-your-own t-shirt stuff, and when Halloween comes round, their fabric.), Wal-Mart (hair-dye, video games, [i've gotten a] book, CDs, etc.), Amazon (video games, comic books, books, hair-dye/bleach, knife), eBay (comic books, jewelry, t-shirts), GameStop (video games, as if that wasn't obvious).


That's all I can think of. There's probably a bunch of goth/emo clothing websites that I can't name from memory. 

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