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Skinny Jeans


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The title says it all. How many skinnies do you have?


Are they in different colors?


I have black skinny jeans, white skinny jeans, red ones that fade to a darker red, turquise ones that fade into a dark green, purple ones that fade into a black, half blue and half black, half purple and half black, half white and half black, checkered ones, these completely chained skinnies (as you can see, I *heart* Skinnies!!


Tell me about your skinnies, if you dare ;D

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Trolol, I know people tht can get me discounts for them, but I'll pay anything for them really.


The amazing chained ones costed me $65 but it was SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!


Trolol, go to an offbrand store, like Old Navy if you don't want to pay a lot for them.


Or you can buy those jegging things, eh.

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my dad wont buy me the coloured ones cuz "they are too expensive, and i dont need them"

but then he goes and buys a whole bunch of junk that we do not need*.*

I know what thats like my dad does that too......

we can get coloured skinnies here for bout $10 O.o most expensive are $80

I got mine from Jay Jays for $40

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