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The Body Piercing Thread


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@XXXBornForLossXXX That's... intense. I wanna get my nose pierced. The way Jayy Von Monroe has it. (I think it's called a bridge piercing.) I want a lip ring in the center of my lip and plugs/tunnels. I'm not gonna pierce my tongue. I'm gonna split it so it's like a snake's tongue.

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@silky-potato Awesome tunnels! I want some like that now!


They're from a shop called Tribu, they've got an online shop too :] and thanks.


I got a new piercing! quelle suprise, it's called a webbing, and it's the bit of skin under your tongue incase it's hard to work out


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:sad: the only things I have now are my ears pierced even though I've pierced my lips 4 times and am dying for some wrist peircings.

and this is gonna sound kinda wierd, but when i get older i want to get part of my ear removed and Have a gauge put in. Not on the lobe, but in the cartilledge.

and I'm definitely getting a belly ring.

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