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wolf tail


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Majestic morgiechu

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At least I have the confidence to post the pictures I do, I face the negativity of all of the haters just so I know I'm beautiful, it may seem like I'm showing off and yes I am but when you have the goods to show off why not do it? Just because I'm not hiding my body and face in every picture doesn't mean I'm a whore it just means I'm happy with myself maybe if you were happy with yourself you'd see this situation like I do but obviously you're too immature to see the body as a form of art and you just see it as a sexual object. But that's your problem not mine. I'm happy with myself and I highly doubt you could do or say the same things I do. Have a magical day and next time you try to sprinkle some hate on someones day maybe try going for more than just the stand by "you must be a whore" comment because sweetheart that comment doesn't mean shit coming from someone who can hardly take a decent picture even with Photoshop. Have a good day ❤

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Lol my 2015 comment was rude af but yours just doesn't even make sense. I don't use Photoshop on my pics, and didn't call you a whore either. You too, have a good day :)

You look good though. Can't even remember that I wrote that shit

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