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Nirvana anyone?

Baby Bunny

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How can you just start liking Nirvana? How can anyone think they're just okay?! I CAN'T PROCESS THIS. Nirvana is beyond amazing and the true definition of Grunge. Kurt Cobain is fucking amazing. His voice, his lyrics. I love Nirvana. I wish I could've seen them live. ._. fucking Courtney Love.

I agree! Nirvana is amazing! :heart:  They were around when I was growing up and one of my favorite bands as I was growing up. There's so many songs that I love by them but I'll name a few.


~Heart Shape Box


~In Bloom

~Come As You Are

~All Apologizes

~Smells Like Teen Spirit: which everyone may know.


There's so many songs I know, but that's just a few.

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