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Relationships....do they hurt more than help?


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Well for one, over-dramatising a relationship is an issue. You're 17, I very much doubt you 'gave your life to her'.


If either party doesn't think they're good enough or right for each other than that's pretty much going to doom a relationship also, since determinism would apply and therefore cause problems in that relationship to support their own worries. The only exception to that would be to 'prove' they are good enough. Proving does not mean telling them and it takes different methods to prove things to different people, meaning I can't really suggest a method for you.


Arguing all the time obviously ruins a relationship but as per my point above, if the source of the arguing was the doubts then the same fix would apply. If the arguing was for different reasons then you would have to resolve the issues being argued about. This is not done by arguing until you win.

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well i finally ended my depressed stage, and all of you are right. now me and my ex are friends and things have never been better :) just wanted to thank you guys for sharing opinions. will be posting a new topic soon :) keep them coming, laters

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