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Would this be a good song?


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Yet full
Yet able to love with the pieces
Yet colorful
Yet I'm going a hundred miles an hour
But I haven't hit the ground yet
But crowded
But cold
They listen to all my stories
But when I'm serious
They turn their back
They care
But not really
Almost but no
Silent tears
Angry words
Fake smiles
Inside I'm dying
I need to be caught
But no one is there to catch me
No one comes
Why when you need people the most
They leave you
Why when you are the loneliest
The crowd disappears
Why when you need love
There is none left
Why when the smile slips away and the tears come
They turn their back
Why can't it just be simple for once
I need someone to catch me
I need someone to brush away my tears
I need someone to make my smile real
I need someone to be there even when I push them away
I need someone who will stick by my side no matter how much I want to give up
I just need someone
That someone is supposed to be you
You love me right
Well then prove it


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It needs more structure, BUT I guess it could be a song. I thought of it as more of a poem though tbh.. but then most songs start of as poems..

ohh yea i know im done inproving it havent been able to get on to post it mabe ill post it :)

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