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sad story


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You want a sad story:

There once was a little girl aged 12 who found out that her father was a child molester who was doing it it her half sister, the guy was never charged and got away with it after ten years. Her her mum and her half sister moved to a different state. This little girl was scared and left alone to have to deal with the realisation that her father was a very bad man and that most of her childhood was a lie. She started cutting her self and at the age of 13 tried to end her life, was unsuccessful. Moved house a lot with her mother and sister non the wiser as to what she was still doing to her self or what he had done the rest of her family in that state did not understand so treated her with very little respect. She started wearing black, dying her hair, painting her nails, wearing makeup and listening to music that they deemed to be ridiculous. Even though she had never felt more at home in that world that she had created. For two years she was safe inside of that world until her and her sister went to stay with a friend of their mothers who was not a fan of the girls and somehow believed that this little 15 year old girl was standing in the way of her and her mothers friendship and for 2 weeks drilled into the 15 year old that se would not stand in the way but forcing her to believe that if she did she would be kicked out of he house and would have no where to go. She used fear against her. And pushed to the verge of almost insanity where she was one very small step away from ending it all again but she wanted to see her mother again. Four days later their mother arrived and with in a week they were out of there and were running again they went and lived with her Aunt for 2 years and again she was back in the same place that she remember all to well. In her Aunts efforts to gain control and the affection of everyone around her her aunt created a web were if you stood to close you would be destroyed. They moved out of her Aunts house and in to their own and for a while things were ok she turned 16 then 17 then again ever started to go wrong again and again and again, their Aunt pushed them into a corner and accused them of things that never actually happened believing what other people had told her about the 3 of them and again they were left alone, their aunts son lost his nut and started yelling at the 3 of them claiming that they had done the most terrible thing in the world when all that they did was ask for their Christmas decorations back then in that fight their Aunt blurted out to the little now 17 year old girl and her sister that their mother had been diagnosed with cancer, which there mother was waiting for the right time to tell them and they did not know.


You asked for a sad story there is a sad story for you and I promise you that it is all true and was an extremely painful journey.

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Watch the movie An American crime. It's a true story set in the 1960s, tons of sad elements like child abuse, parents far away, a little sister with polio, alcohol abuse, rumours spreading around school and chruch, mutilation and being tied in the basement for days so the neighborhood children can beat you up because your pretty, the boy that likes you being pressured into craving the word prostitute into your stomach... Sad stuff.

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