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If Iook at futa does that make me pansexual.?


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If look at dictionary does that make me grammar?


Seriously, who knows. Pansexual means capable of liking everyone regardless of sex/gender. If you're like that, congratulations, you're pansexual.


Pansexual refers directly to sex and gender, not 'anything'. It is essentially a Bisexual who specifically finds Trans people attractive as well. Finding 'anything' attractive would classify as Desperatesexual.



If Iook at futa does that make me pansexual.?


Also, I would say no. A Futa may be based on a real world concept but it is fictional. You could get someone who looks like a Futa, however a Futa does not have mock male and/or female parts but real ones. Since Pansexual implies being attracted to the real world concepts specifically, I would not say liking Futas essentially means Pansexuality.

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