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Slight rant


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Ok so I'm turning 17 and only ever had one girlfriend for a month and in that month all we did was hold Hans twice :sad: and it f**king annoys me that people at school keep giving me shit about it
Yes I would like to go out with some one but on the level of also having them as a friend
Not like all the kids at my school who use there partners as a statice symbol I hate it
I don't want a relationship dictated by other people. End rant

One last thing I was ment to have my year 10 formal last year and didn't even get invited because I didn't have a date how pathetic
And I'm not really looking for some one but am open.
Thank you

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If it makes you feel better, I didn't go to any dances or functions like that either. They made me leave highschool and forced me into getting my GED at 15, you don't think about dating when you're only spending 3 hours a day in a class full of middle aged people and pregnant hood rats for 4 months.

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