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Disney's first gay couple controversy


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I wouldn't know if anyone here watches the Disney channel or not. I personally don't, but the Good luck Charlie controversy has floated around for some time now and I can't help but be mortified at how much of the parents reacted to the episode.



The story goes as this: charlie and her parents perpare for a playdate with a friend from school. It is revealed that the playdate has two mommies. ( very clean cut lovely ladies. Nothing weird, sisinter or satanic about them at all. It is also revealed that the child is adopted so it wasn't a divorce circumstance. Adoption is wonderful and generous)




My problem?: with the episode, Nothing. Absolutely nothing about this episode is posing an issue for me. I hope Disney continues to be progressive and educate the audience of what a diverse world we live in.



But: It's the fault of all those homophobics, overtly religious suburban mothers getting psychotic and judgmental to the point of sending death threats to little Mia Talrico. Yes an innocent little 5 year old Disney star who didn't produce the show or write the script or even play a gay character! So the logic of these religious bible nuts is that socializing with gays is wrong but threatening to kill a 5 year old is not? Millions of moms everywhere dropped everything to harass a child that did nothing to them.



It's like when pill poping, wine guzzleling, stay at home mothers everywhere, tossed a bitch fit when sesame street did an episode on the subject of divorce. To the point of tossing the little ones across the fucking room as if the tv screen was a fucking grizly bear.... Sorry little miss picture, perfect family with the white picket fence, but you don't fucking own the media! There are children from divorced families, children from same sex couples, adopted children, handicapped children, and the media giving them something to relate to can do them no wrong!




You are not so perfect with your fake front of a chruch going, soccer mom,Your dumb ass letting Mexican nannies raise your children so you can go to yoga and fuck the pool boy is what's crippleling your kids.

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Everytime I turn to ESPN there is a segment on a football player who has openly "came out of the closet"... its like so? if he can sack the quarterback, fuckin let em play! 



Very true, and yet, that football player can flatten someone's ignorant ass if he wanted to. Beat them to a bloody pulp he will. I don't know how a 5 year old lil girl would defend herself. :/

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