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Sleeping With Sirens


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This is how you introduce your very first post? Being really irrational? If people want to hate i'm sure they have a genuine reason to do so. It's probably not even the band but the FANBASE that is overtly annoying. What did the "haters" do to you on a personal level? Call you ugly? Tell you your mommy is a hoe? No? So they only just disagree with music that you are obsessed with? Wow how dare they... Fuck them right?


You seem terribly disturbed... 

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I do like a few Sleeping With Sirens songs, despite kellin quinn's high pitched squealing that could shatter 12 inch thick glass.Theyre far from my favorite band. I can tolerate them only because theyre a pretty decent band for their genre, (Post-hardcore). But theres a lot of bands at the top of my head that just appeal to my taste so much more.

Now are you an outraged fangirl or do you genuinely feel that theyre the best band in existence? And dont get me wrong, im not a hater persay, but to be honest Ive heard WAY better.


Songs I like:

If you cant hang

The bomb dot com v.20

If Im James Dean, Then youre Audrey Hepburn

With ears to see and eyes to hear

Postcards and Polaroids

Let's Cheers to this

You kill me (in a good way)

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