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Any bi emos who are single

Collective screams

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I'm like so confused. Btw, this IS NOT A DATING SITE ya know... just in case you were looking for that someone (as the title of this post seems to suggest) I know you are new and all... so... I think you should read the forum rules... and maybe look at some other people's posts to get an idea of what to post and what not to post. If you are not sure if what you are going to post (for future posts) is appropriate, you can always send it to a moderator... so...

Anyways, I'm Kat so if you have any further questions you can talk to me or admin or moderator or someone with some other type of... authority? I won't judge... I may nom nom *(nibble)* your arm or something, but if your uncomfortable with it just tell me to stahp ^_^


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