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Help? Idk what to do?

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My bestfriend is bi curious but doesn't know I know she is I just saw a picture of her on a social site saying she was bi and I am too..but she doesn't know that..I've liked her for a while but I never said anything..and I don't know what to do?? Help? Should I just stay in the closet and pretend I don't know she's bi? Idk

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Personally, I wouldn't say anything and risk making a misconception where the end result would be her never speaking to me again. I would just act as if I like someone else of the bisexual persuasion. This is only because I'm bold and I'd want to test if she may come around and try to coax me into her bisexual curiosity. If she liked me she'd go out of her way trying to become the object of my affection and monopolize me herself instead. And if she doesn't try to pursue me or one-up my imaginary lover that i keep bringing up and holding high regard over, at least i didn't make her uncomfortable with a confession and we could at least still remain friends. 


I don't know what YOU should do though, that's only what i would do in the scenario because i'm bolder and using deception for personal gain is best left in the hands of someone who can make an art form of it. If you weren't so shy nervous and desperate and you could instead be more calm and collective and patient you could pull it off. Things like this require the right mannerisms and demeanor. 

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