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old school hip-hop


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I like it, its one of my favorite genres.

But let me be clear, hip hop and modern rap are too different genres. Rap tends to lean towards the topics of sex, drugs, money, cars, gang related activities, and clothes. Old school hip-hop does have songs that talk about sex, but tend to lean towards the topic of political issues (of that time), racial injustice, day-to-day hardships, and sometimes religious inspiration.


What do you think about it? Do you tend to throw it into the "black people music" category and try to avoid it? Do you not care for it? Or are you an occasional/ closet listener? Be honest. :P

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I love the old school stuff.. 


If you like political stuff check out: 


dead prez


immortal technique


I tend to listen to more of the gangster rap, but lately have been listening to a lot of the political\conscious stuff. 


Check out Cyne as well,


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I listened to artists like 3LW, Aliyah, Missy Elliot, Biggy and others from the 1990's to the early 2000 range. Once that flow of melody stopped I lost interest in it all together.I cherished Hardstyle far more than that genre and I still do, but I did listen to it at one point. Until it stopped.

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