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We Butter The Bread With Butter? Anyone?


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I've liked them for awhile, and admittedly I have a thing for German bands or bands that speak Germanic languages. (Rammstein, Nachtmar, etc.) But last night I saw them live and just \O_O/ just yes. They were amazing live, they sounded great, they played like it was the best feeling in the world, and they were just generally kind and chill.

The venue is already a small one, but it was half empty since everyone went to a different concert at the venue down the street. I think it was As An Ocean. Anyway, there were so few people, that everyone was either up front or in the pit. I thought it was pretty cool, because even though few people turned up, the ones that did were energetic, and so were the bands. They didn't stand there and play, they performed. They had us playing games and singing along, even if we weren't all that familiar with some of the bands. They told stories, asked about Breaking Bad (yes I live in that town), talked to people and fist bumped almost everyone. WBTBWB played two extra songs, and wanted to meet us, but minors get kicked out as soon as the last set ends, so that didn't happen.  


If you haven't listened to them, and don't have a problem with a song being in German, then I suggest checking them out!! ^-^ 

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Yeah!  top three would be; 13 wunsche, Der Kleine Vampir, Der Tag an dem Die Welt unterging - (I'm a drummer and this song is pretty sick). I havn't checked out all there stuff, but German as a langauge sounds angry so his screams are amazing. Any of there songs I should check out?

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