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What's your favorite albums?


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Everyone always asks "what's your favorite band?" or " Favorite song" but no one really ask about favorite albums so I'm interested in hearing yours. Mine is Suicide Season by Bring me the horizon. That or Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold.

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Diamond Eyes by Deftones, Artwork by The Used, American Idiot by Green Day, Ex Lives by Every Time I Die, Say It Like You Mean It by The Starting Line, Sempiternal by BMTH andddd both of The Skints' albums. I like a lotttt.

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Meteora- Stinkin' Fart lol

City of Evil, Waking the Fallen- Avenged Sevenfold

Death Magnetic- Metallica

I have to admit....even tho i'm a LP fan......i laughed like crazy person xP xP xP

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Let's see...

The Artist in The Ambulance, by Thrice
Burning Bridges, by Haste the Day

Dirty Sanchez, by Zeke

The Panic Broadcast, by Soilwork

The End of Heartache, by Killswitch Engage

Siren Song of the Counter Culture, by Rise Against

Flamingo, by ZZ Top
Dirt, by Alice in Chains

Out of The Blue, by Electric Light Orchestra

FTTW, by H2O
Superunknown, by Soundgarden

Crisis, by Alexisonfire

Supporting Cast(e), by Propagandhi
Out of Exile, by Audioslave

Songs For The Deaf, by Queens Of The Stone Age

El Camino, by The Black Keys

Among The Living, by Anthrax

The Banner We Follow, by Left In The Wake

Hours, by Funeral For a Friend
Ten, by Pearl Jam


And even more...

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Aside from Metallica and Pearl jam, I've never heard of any of these.....  I don't think i'm comfortable listing my country and blue grass records now. 


I'll ask I'm_still_alive to introduce you to some her choices. she's got a good set up of decent indie dark wave, cabaret and ethereal. Sandra identifies as nihilistic so she's the only person who has musical taste worth listening to on here.


Emo/screamo/deathcore music is garbage. Getting all your music at a hot topic is too try-hard and not very culture forward. 

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Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount- From First To Last

Evanesce- Anatomy Of A Ghost

When Broken Is Easily Fixed- Silverstein

Discovering The Waterfront- Silverstein

Let It Enfold You- Senses Fail

Tell All Your Friends- Taking Back Sunday

Sing The Sorrow- AFI

Decemberunderground- AFI

What To Do When You Are Dead- Armor For Sleep

His Last Walk- blessthefall

Witness- blessthefall

On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax- Alesana

Where Myth Fades To Legend- Alesana

The Emptiness- Alesana

The Silence In Black And White- Hawthorne Heights

All's Well That Ends Well- Chiodos

She Watched The Sky- A Skylit Drive

Wires..and the concept of Breathing- A Skylit Drive

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American idiot- green day

Future hearts- all time low

Nightmare- avenged sevenfold

Sempiternal- BMTH

A hangover you don't deserve- bowling for soup

All the right reasons- nickelback

About that life- Attila

The gray chapter- Slipknot

Restoring force- of mice and men

Nevermind- nirvana

Greatest hits- the offspring

Enema of the state- blink 182

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Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

Design The Skyline - Nevaeh

Blessthefall - His Last Walk

Silverstein - Discovering The Waterfront

A Skylit Drive - She Watched The Sky

The Air I Breathe - Great Faith In Fools

Scarlett O'hara - Lost In Existence

Death - Symbolic

Him - Razorblade Romance

The Irish Front - Universe

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - In Vogue

Sky Eats Airplane - Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day

Job For A Cowboy - Doom

Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly

Framing Hanley - The Moment

Odd Project - The Second Hand Stopped

Dead Poetic - New Medicines

Silent Drive - Love Is Worth It

It Dies Today - The Caitiff Choir 

Lovehatehero - Just Breathe

Atreyu - Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses

Alesana - On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax

A Static Lullaby - ...And Don't Forget To Breathe

The Used - Self-Titled

Suicide SIlence - No Time To Bleed

As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

Poison The Well - The Opposite Of December

A Change Of Pace - Change Is The Only Constant

Matchbook Romance - Voices

Funeral For A Friend - Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation

Cute Is What We Aim For - The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch

Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings

Asking Alexandria - Stand Up And Scream

Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire

Underoath - Cries Of The Past

Falling In Reverse - Fashionably Late

Oceana - The Tide

Eyes Set To Kill - Reach

A Smile From The Trenches - Self-Titled

Motionless In White - Creatures

Of Machines - As If Everything Was Held In Place

Elliott - False Cathedrals

Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are?

I See Stars - Digital Renegade

Despised Icon - The Ills Of Modern Man

Eighteen Visions - Vanity

Scars Of Tomorrow - All Things Change

Roses Are Red - Conversations

Classic Case - Dress To Depress

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The City Sleeps In Flames

Secondhand Serenade - Awake

Thursday - Full Collapse

Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

Kid Dynamite - Self-Titled

Lifetime - Hello Bastards

The Cure - Pornography

Three Days Grace - One-X

Korn - Life Is Peachy

Seether - Disclaimer II

System Of A Down - Toxicity

Slipknot - Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat

Zonaria - The Cancer Empire

Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen

Phoenix Mourning - When Excuses Become Antiques

and well I could go on and on really...  


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