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The song you hate the most!

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Are we talking about lyrics or the artist themselves? cause to me it does vary... some people do put out bad songs without taking themselves seriously. For one I do like Mindless self indulgence cause they make fun of themselves and insult the intelligence of their own fans they don't try to bullshit people into thinking they are epic and wroth worshiping like insane clown possee or botdf tries to do. Same with millionaires or cat rapes dog.

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Many things? Be specific man. Do it for the lulz. Fine I cover you this one time Dman...


Scene and emo music obviously is what Dman here was saying. Any scenester will tell you their music is their life. They claim to validate their pathetic lifestyle of being a "unique, misunderstood rebel" on their musical taste, which ironically, is about as unique and misunderstood as dog shit.


Music for scenes include:

Dot dot curve

Pierce the Veil

Make Me Famous

Katy Perry

Justin Bieber

Blood on the Dance Floor

I Set My Friends On Fire

Lil' Wayne (Many yet not all Scene Whores fancy themselves his "baby mama".... THIS MAN HAS NO TALENT!!!)

Young Money


Jeffree Star

Asking Alexandria

Attack! Attack

Abandon All Ships

Family Force 5

We Butter the Bread With Butter (The bastardization of deathcore)

Design The Skyline

The list goes on and on. If one should accidentally hear the music one or all of these artists, you are at extreme risk of becoming scene. Please protect yourself using SOAP! Ohhh wait it's a little too late for you huh?

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^Your credibility is almost non-existent on good and bad music when you admit to listen to MSI.


I like Pierce the Veil and Asking Alexandria. I have for a few years, and I have yet to turn scene. If you're going to throw all of those bands into the "scene" category, at least throw msi into the juggalo pile where it belongs.

Just my personal opinion, but [anti]icp (whatever the fuck mindless self indulgence is) is much shittier than what those scene kids are listening to.

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Well duh MSI is shitty music. MSI IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. MSI is a parody band that parodies all these other bands that think their music is a different and unique form. They call themselves jungle pussy crunk sarcastically and everything. I made them an exception cause they are successful music trolls. They where never for reals or to be taken seriously yet succeeded in getting a huge fanbase. Of course I can distinguish bad music from music that picks on and shows the obnoxiousness of bad music. MSI is a mockery and totally asinine.


Remember how bitchy emos became over the "I must be emo" song? That's how MSI operates.

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most of modern music.....but really any song that repeats the same line for 80% of the song


Examples: Flobots - i can ride my bike with no handle bars

         White stripes - my doorbell

    Theres many more. i suppose its a good confidence booster to making your own.

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Anything by BVB BOTDF ICP or PTV. Basically bands that sound like they haven't dropped their balls yet and sound whinny. The only band I can tolerate like this is SWS but I have to be in a mood. But even then one or two songs and I'm done.


This pretty much describes my tastes in music. I jus cant stand some of these modern bands.

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I h8 h8 h8 a majority of modern music/rap/pop @_@ I usually tune out the radio with my own tunes from meh headphones XD Although a few songs that fit under that that I ESPECIALLY h8...

WAP - Cardi B

Raising Hell - Ke$ha

Kill Bill - SZA

Birthday - Katy Perry (This ones older but I still h8 it XD)

Literally anything by Taylor Swift 7_7

I don't h8 ALL pop music, I like 2000s pop, but modern pop? Yaaaa, not a fan XD

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I can't think of many songs I really hate...but one that comes to mind that I dislike is Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band


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