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Sis is back at it again Damnit!


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so help me out here guys, sis is going back into the institution again...suicide letter was found after she left to go to school.. she told a teacher at school and called my parents to come get her. Should i just leave it to the pros? like last time... within a week she'll have traumatic stresses and begin her skits seeing people that aren't really there telling her to do bad things.. I Love her and I just fear for her future... also there was a number on the note I found I called and it was a young girl (probably classmate of my sister) now i don't want to jump straight to conclusions, but I have a very educated guess of who this might be. She didn't reveal her name and was hesitant to let me speak with her parents, I did not reveal my name or say anything related to the topic I was calling about. Reason i have speculation of who this might be is the facebook that my sister carelessly but thankfully left on non private and found some classmates who aren't the nicest. but one in particular "friend" stands out and is tagged in pictures (profile pic of them two) etc. so Imma let my mom handle the parent talking but what do I do.. It would seem like she faked the whole healing process entirely from when she was released because she snapped right back into it. Anyways i am grateful I can be apart of awesome people who do take the time to read this and give thoughtful advice.. thank you guys

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