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I mean no offesne, however take this opinion from this veiw. If someone drinks all the time they are a drunk. So if someone has sex all the time they are a whore. There's a differnce between one night stand and constantly banging the whole football team. I'm not hear to label or judge just hear me out. This isn't going at anyone on here just a rant.


I see so many, people who are "depressed" that do it for the fame. They are maggots for attention, and it's so disgusting, because they have friends. But whenever a few leave they'll start off, "I'm so depressed i just wish i had friends..." and they put up these bigs acts for all the attention they get, and it's sick. Because to me and for me depression and suicide, weren't something i mocked about in the streets proclaiming, "Look upon me I'm suicidal!" I mean you just don't do that, because you want to end your life, so i fail to understand how someone could play the "I'm so depressed card" when they aren't. Because when you are you shutdown you do not talk you do not want to live...


I see so many girls who dress up and all these things just so guys will go, she's cute and she's hot and i'd bang her. Are we nothing more the ignorant self-centered animals? Are we really so low to judge others by there meat-sack? It's very disturbing to me how people can do this, but that's the world we live in so it's just one of those things in life we have to dea with..


What is the point in having sex money fame wealth power...etc. Because the thing we own turn on us and own us instead of us owning them. 30k kids die everyday from lack of food and water 3k babies killed everyday in america, thousands are traffic as slaves, there are more slave today then any other point in human history, "what's the point in having a nice home if you don't have a nice planet to put it on" We get so drawn in by this world we forget the thousands that die, we don't hear there screams or cries and yet we complain oh i couldn't go to a concert and it makes me sick because it's like look kid most people would die for the things you have yet... And it's something that goes on on every single level of human existence...


I don't understad why we go emo, goth, gay etc. because it's all labels why do we do that, just because are bodies are physical and there might be differnt are minds and are hearts beat and drive as one... We come from thousands of places but it takes one voice to break the silence. It's just scary kind of things..


There is a lot of people they just hate because people are differnt, i don't understand where this hate comes from why "in order for you to pull me down i have to be above you" everyone calls labels and judgements because someone is differnt but why? What could promote these things...


Why do we hate with such a passion, it's animalistic... how could we do these things that we say? It's sick!



":Eight years is to old to become a man, i was just another angry kid growing up without a dad so i sold my soul for the highest bid"

Sure things have happened

We lose people every day, but those people we lost loved us, they would not want our lives to be depressed! So why do people live there life off losing some bf/gf because that person left you? Why let it effect everyday for the rest of your life! Sure you pretend but you never face the facts! People have such weak souls that fail under the slightest push...


I wrote this document over how easy it is to manipulate kids, and it's very... it shine a bright light in the dark. Most people don't like things that are hidden to be brought forth but that's what I do, so Fight The Silence...

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Very shallow view.


Firstly alcoholism/being a drunk is defined by addiction. Addiction is not defined by quantity but the mind-set someone has towards the concept and anticipation of it. If having sex all the time makes you a whore then most of the world would be whores, evidently this is not the truth. With opening statements like this I'm starting to dread the rest of this post.


The depression game is no less of an awful trend than the current trend of trying to debunk fakes and depression. I don't see how that is any less attention seeking than ranting about obvious truths like you are here. Does it suit a different purpose? Sure, but it encompasses the same concepts and the same act of following the trend - the only change is which trend you're following.


It's amazing how well you've entered the female mind of every woman on the planet. Where did you qualify for your evident doctorate in female psychology? The real ignorance is in this assumption that you actually understand what and why people do. On the other hand, you spite people for judging by their meat sack while you judge others for being upset, everyone judges someone and you're just ego-tripping over the view that your judgement is more justified. The core of the issue is - physical attraction is.... wait for it.... based on physical attributes. I assure you, your body does not go: 'My oh my that woman knows her star wars fan-fiction, she must be prime mating material.' Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, even you. Be big enough to admit that.


I think you entirely miss the point. Just as in this post you're assuming superiority over subsections of people based upon how they act. What do you think entities such as fame, wealth and power constitute? Superiority. Why do you think people are oppressed? Superiority with the ability to achieve further superiority. Don't complain about things that you're literally doing yourself. You judge people for not going out of their way to help those they've never even met, but please do tell me the story of how you sold your computer/phone and donated every penny to African families, I'd love to hear it.


Labels are a basis to identify with.They are not meant as a cookie-cutter person, just a selection of stereotypes that are more likely to apply to you than other stereotypes. You might not fit all those stereotypes, but you don't need to, that isn't the point. The point is that you more closely fit that label than another. You cannot argue that all stereotypes fit you equally, because they wont. It's simply a case of which set fits you better than any other. Bear in mind, you signed up to an 'emo' site, so the hypocrisy of this topic grows further.


As for your comments on hate due to people being different and superiority... better re-read your post (and mine) bud, because you're doing exactly that. Again, I face palm at the stupidity of it all.


I hate to break it to you but humans are animals. We are, shockingly.. animalistic animals.


It's nice how you manage to establish their father loved them from that quote, in which no mention of such resides. Flinging your stereotypes and condemning the rest... -rolls eyes-. I don't see how souls even come into this, a soul is a religious entity and has absolutely no basis (even in religion) for how you are currently feeling - that is, in scientific terms your brain and in pop-culture your heart.


I cannot believe how pretentious that closing statement is. It practically proves every point I've just said. Your views are quite well known, quite well spoken of and quite common. It's yet another trend fighting another trend.

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I think Italy pretty much got everything I want to say, haha. Just two things, there isn't anything wrong with having sex with lots of people and being a "whore". There's no such thing as too much sex. Secondly - depression isn't specific. Yes, recently it has been glamourised and a fair amount of people do claim it for attention, but you have no idea what someone's feeling. You can't tell someone they're not depressed because they don't have a good enough reason that you can accept, it doesn't work like that. It's lack of awareness of mental health issues that allows attitudes like that, ahaha.

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there isn't anything wrong with having sex with lots of people and being a "whore". There's no such thing as too much sex...


You've got to be kidding me. There's a reason the word "whore" is used as a pejorative. It's because being a whore is a bad thing.


Despite how hard you try to rationalize self-destructive and irresponsible behavior, in the end you're still tragically wrong.



The amount of white knighting and senseless shaming in this thread is sickening. This kid posted decent enough content with a sound message. You folks disregarded the majority of his post, focused in on small bits, and deconstructed the tertiary material of his causality in the most ad-hominem manner. I don't know if you people are blind to the degree to which you deceive yourselves, or what.


Your very existence is a revolt against intuition and meaning.

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The word itself is ridiculous. Having sex with various people (obviously whilst you're not in a relationship) shouldn't mean you're a whore.


Certainly not by definition. It just means you're loose and undesirable.

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If Addiction is not defined by a quantity, then what it would be defined as? A mental state of mind upon which someone idolizes an object, if this is addiction we could never label addiction because we cannot assume someone is “addicted”, for we do not know there mental state.

I was stating my opinions, that I’ve yet to ever tell anyone, that’s what this post is for isn’t it? I am not standing on the street corners begging for attention, nor do I wish for it. I merely stated my opinion on the topic for personal reference for later.


"It's amazing... "

I agree, but you also must coexisting-ly realize that, this wasn’t addressed to everyone,  this was address to those girls that are stick out there butts and go look at me! It’s sick! No it’s not that I’m not physically attracted, I’m not saying that that’s not attractive, or that they have a bad body. I’m saying that we shouldn’t have to do that! I’m saying you should NOT like someone for HOW they LOOK. It’s WRONG we make so many judgments and we have no clue.

At my school they have a phrase for me, even parents, “he doesn’t have a life” because there is this program, I’ll include links, it’s called loose change to loosen chains. If you check out the band For Today and there new album fight the silence, it’s about changing this world because it’s so screwed up. Excuse me for saying that I can’t understand how we can just live in our comfortable homes and not care! I’m right now being forced to go to school and have an education it’s not as if I can sell everything, because I own nothing.

Labels are a basis to identify with. They are not meant as a cookie-cutter person, just a selection of stereotypes that are more likely to apply to you than other stereotypes.’  My question was why do we have this? Why must we have stereotypes? Why can out minds just accept people for being different?


What have I done, to be rewarded with “stupidity”?  


“I hate to break it to you but humans are animals. We are, shockingly.. animalistic animals.”

I don’t belief this because I think we can rise above and become something this world hasn’t seen a revolution. They say have big dreams mine is change humanity.


“Flinging your stereotypes and condemning the rest “ In what was have I stereotyped anyone? I have more questions than statements. I was making an allusion with the quote, reference that bad things do happen, believe it or not. By soul I meant resilience.


“I cannot believe how pretentious that closing statement is.”  This is an opinionated statement, because if I say I spend my life making others better, it could be viewed as pretentious. If I say almost any statement about something good I’ve done it could be “pretentious”

“Your views are quite well known, quite well spoken of and quite common” When I wrote this I meant no offense and I was merely speaking my mind and axiomatic truths that I’ve found throughout life. And it the supposed truths I’ve found are actually “true”, that’s why I wrote this. So I could actually talk/interact, with other people who would be able to have some what of the same view and correct my views. 



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This may be quite repetitive to what others have said but we as humars are animals.


You're opinion is yours and ours is ours.


So am I a whore because I choose to have sex a lot? I have sex with the same person and have for a very long time. Just because I choose to enjoy that feelings doesn't mean anything. Some of us have that desire to feel that certain and we do. Oh btw I'm married.


You think it's unjust that we choose to be with people based on looks. Well to be honest, we have to have some sort of physical attraction to someone to be with them. You cannot find someone completely repulsive but choose to spend the rest of your life with them. Are you going to blind yourself so you can only love their personality? Seems unlikely.


You talk so much about judgement and hating others yet you are judging people on the way that they feel. Some of us actually deal with shit, I have three stepchildren that I want to appreciate and respect me. I work a full time job and go to college full time. I have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to fit in things that I enjoy. On top of all of that I take medicine for depression and anxiety. I don't hate my life, I love my life and I don't cry out for attention. I try to live my life day by day without people wondering if I'm okay that day. Some days I feel like I'm the scum of the earth and I ask myself why do I feel like this when I'm so happy. I have nothing to be depressed about. Well my mother deals with it as well and so did my grandmother. I've been having this issue since I was 16.


Yes there are children out there who need loved and can't eat and really have a bad life but that doesn't matter. We ALL have our own problems, should I stop taking care of myself because it's selfish of me to do so when children are starving? That seems a little ridiculous if you ask me.


I'm not going to lie, I can't stand whiny people and there are some people who whine for attention but it's not our job to call them out. We tell them if they need help then they can message you or whatever and you'll be there to listen.


I understand that you may have had good intentions in your post, but I found some of it to be a little over the top.

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