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Go to the beach and walk in the water blindfolded,  you don't know where your going but you know your getting deeper, that's what the build up feels like, its starts out as a feeling then turns into a quit thought which then turns in a quit word then that becomes louder and louder until its a battle cry, you keep getting deeper until your drowned. Your want to breathe you want air, imagine what it feels like to be pulled out to breathe to sooth the fire that is building in your lunges, that's what cutting is, relief.
Sweet smell of blood, the salty taste of blood when you bit your cheeks, eventually you get used to it hell can get comfy when you settle in. The sweet release of flesh, the feeling warms you and you can breathe suddenly you forget everything, it becomes you own personal mixture of heroine, you go without but you can never truly forget, your can pretend it didn't happen but you still have scars, scars that take years to heal, but when your completely mutilated just longing for death because cutting doesn't work anymore because every breathe is constant agony as you broken by a condescending world, no rest for the weary... cutting? Relief from all the pain that you've been drowning in, relief from not feeling good enough... Sick and tired.Trapped! Body wrapped with sharp pain because my body wasn’t made to contain all this rage! My mind wasn’t made, my eyes weren’t made, my soul was not made to behold what shackles my soul now. Look and the mirror and smile, but its meaningless every smile is just another tear because its cursed you  unforgettable... Let us not lie to ourselves Brokenness is the aftermath. Brokenness is the aftermath...
Sadness is like a drug, it takes you away from reality and makes you see a whole new way.


'The First Wish
Star Light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight
I Wish I may, I wish I might be granted the wish I wish tonight.
I wish I could leave, forget every thing that is around
I wish I could see what is not yet found.
I wish I could live like a worn out hound
I wish I could be silent and not make a sound
I wish I could have insight to see; a pitcher on the other mound
Yet, I cannot.
The future holds twisted Fates
The fun has to be rated
The end must come soon
You have to realize the tune
Song of the world, I star to sound like a loon
A broken record now looking as dark as the moon
So now the end is here.
Nothing is ever mere

The Second wish
Star light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might be granted the wish I wish tonight
A hidden foe stalks me ever so close
I wish I knew who I fear the most
Grant me, oh stars, a look into the future time
I wish I could see what life would be like
I want to know the ending to my life?s book
I wish I could take just a slight look
Maybe I would see my pain coming out,
or a room of nothingness as I looked about
Please let be see what fate has planned
For I wish to know if this has been out flamed
While I try not to listen for more pain
Keep hanging on, Days become mundane
An early weakness falls over me now
Pain filling my mind; another storm cloud
Stars shall grant me my second wish
Though the time has come, I can not finish

The Third wish
Star Light, Star bright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might, be granted the last wish of my life
I wish I could hide the pain that I feel.
A stalker I now see as real
I wish I could be silent; no sound to make
Now, I only have my life to take
I wish I could see what?s not yet found
Now I cry, not making a sound
I wish I didnt have to feel fates look
Because now I know the ending to my life?s book
I wish I could leave; forgetting all that binds
Now you must read between my lines
I wish the stars could tell
She now has Fell

Into Darkness, out of light
All is dim that was bright
She now makes the great fall
She has been hung, her tongue lolls
Eyes once bright and cheery
Now are sad and weary
I say your poem one last time; to hear it rich
For this is the finally; the Great Finish.
Star Light, Star bright, first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might, be granted the last wish of my life


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Depression to me is like... You dont wake up from a nightmare.. Sometimes you

dream that you're falling and then you feel it too.. Thats when you normally wake up

i dont.. Just keep on falling.. Friends? What's that? Family? Who cares? ..there is no reason

to wake up anymore.. Why should i go to school? Future..what future?

Depression is just realizing you'll die anyway..even if you have anything you want.. You wil die!

So what's the point.. Why would you keep hurting yourself if you will die .

There you arw..sitting in this black hole..no way out..there is a knife in front of you..

The pain and hurt cant be taken away..but what if i can hurt mysf even more..maybe that will

take the pain in my heart away.. You take the knife..put in on your skin and start to cry

it all comes out! You start to cut.. See the blood.. Its not enough! You are still in pain!

Its bleeding as hell.. Deep into your skin.. Thats when the tears are dryed out.. The pain from

the wounds are hurting more then your soulf..for now.. Its a relieve..but how long will it take

befor the awfull pain will return?



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For me it's an involuntary overreaction to sad things far out of proportion to reality, but that I am not able to control or reason myself out of, even though I know I should be able to. I am talking about clinical depression, not just feeling sad. It's a degree of emotion that's not normal for the circumstances relating to it and I know it is at the time but still I can't get it under control. It's a miserable condition. Mine is only controlled by medication from my doctor and I had to have it changed because the original meds didn't work. It is a medical condition, not necessarily just an emotional one, in my understanding and experience. I hope that helps someone.

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From some web diagnosing (WebMD, the like) I'm only moderate chronic depression, but here I go. It feels like just being completely useless. I don't want to do anything because I mess everything up, no one likes me, I hate myself, etc. To use a metaphor, it's kind of like being smothered in despair. I don't add up to society and there's nothing I can do but suicide. It makes me not want to live but then I think about death meaning no conscience or anything and put that kitchen knife down. And I lose my apatite to top it off :/

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I'm not a medical person, just someone who suffers from depression, but with me, when it gets going (if I forget my meds) it causes me to see everything in a negative light. The insidious part is that it all feels very real. But don't listen to that. Once I'm back on track again I realize what an illusion all of it was. Now I know that when you're in the grip of it, that's hard to believe, but it's true. It's the depression that makes it hard to believe. It's as though the depression is trying to defend itself by telling you that things really are that bad to keep you in its grip. I talked to my doctor about it and got some meds. That helped some but I still felt depressed. I had to go back and get different meds and now I'm fine. If I forget to take it, within half a day I get that negativity and then I know I forgot my pill. I hope that helps; I surely know what it's like.

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