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God of nowhere


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By Shane P.

Hear me now oh omnipotent God on high,

Yes you who claim to be all loving, all powerful, and all knowing,

Your wretched mistakes gather now to prostrate at your feet,

Begging for your salvation and grace to keep,

Yet no salvation shows and the only grace we know is that of money,

While your sycophantic clergy only enable the wealthy,

Crying 'Only those who believe in your son receive salvation!'

Even if true that doesn't seem like you,

Why would an omnipotent being require belief?

Why doesn't living a moral life earn heaven's price?

So is it even true then?

Does an All Knowing Being need petty belief? 

If your infinite knowledge is true why can you not discern our virtue?

This need for devotion does not sing with one that is Omnipotent, 

It is a song from the morally impotent,

Perhaps a God you are not,

Maybe you are only a bitter reflection of our hearts,

How can pride be a sin for humans but not a God who needs our validation? 

Certainly not Omnipotent it seems,

Very disappointing indeed, 

The world certainly did need something to make the wrongs right, 

I guess it'll have to be me, 

And those who refuse to be selfish and mean,

The need for you to dictate our worth is now gone,

We no longer need such a nowhere God.


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On 9/18/2022 at 10:21 PM, Tom said:

Ignore that bro. It was more original than any written work they’ve posted :3

Thank you. In all honesty, it had been a year since anything was posted here and so I thought it best to recreate some of the cringe poetry I used to flood this thread with. 

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