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anyone have any underground emo band recs?


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i'm still relatively new to the subculture, i've only been emo for about nine months, and i want to get to know the *real* nitty gritty of the scene. 

i listen to pretty much everything emo, except for that one genre of pop-punk that i don't know the name of (bands like blink182 and sum 41 are not really my thing)

genres i LOVE are: pop-punk mixed with rock (think: my chemical romance), screamo (i think there might be a more official term for it, and if there is, lmk), post-punk

genres i like are: indie emo (like dashboard confessional and stuff), neon-pop-punk (the academy is... is one of my fav bands rn, don't judge), midwest emo, first wave emo, skramz and some other stuff i'm forgetting to mention.

bands i listen to regularly: MCR, PTV, dot dot curve, green day (them being emo is debatable, but yk), the used. as you can see, i'm into pretty mainstream stuff rn.

i've listened to some more "underground" stuff, but i'd like some recs!

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