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So i've recently (yesterday morning) gotten red streaks in my hair... I think it looks ok..some people say i look like a scene kid ( i hate that) and some people say i look better with the red. Soon they're gonna fade away so any ideas on what other color i should put in? Ummm if u want to see it then you'll have to go to my facebook page....yeah......

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no like i said its fucked up call some1 something THEY DONT WANT TO BE CALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!


and yes i do.... guam is an american (ok maybe not) island somewhere in the...... pacific?

ok .... maybe i dont kno anything about it...... what ever.... but yeha... if some 1 says they dont like to be called scene.... yes it IS fucked to call them that.....

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I don't think lime green would be so suiting, especially with red (you might come out look like an apple. I've been there). I think purple would look nice. but it's up to you. Try every color of the rainbow if you wish. LOL.


Either that use photoshop and try to use different colors to see what looks good together.

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