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seriously need help writing a song


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can?t help but wonder how many people have felt like that.

but it hit pretty hard.suddenley im scard....


as i brake out into the crowed what do i see nothing but a faded memory


look into my eyes can you see the fire that keeps my heart from turning into dust


fuh... i suck at this

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Guest thomas.carl

For writing a song you need to have a very calm mind and above all you need a very peaceful place.There should be no one around to disturb you.Also i think you need some kind of motivation to get you going this may come from your friends or family members.All the best for the song and do share the lyrics here.

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Clam mind? pfft.

Write how you feel at that moment, merge into it, It doesnt matter if youre feeling angry, scared, apethetic, blahblahblah...confused...heartbreak.

Its all good to write about your ups and downs. And dont worry what others think, if its good to you...then its good music.

There's no such thing in bad music...people just have diffrent tastes.

Go. Try.

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