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Skirt or pants..


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Well school will be starting back soon, and all my life I wore baggy pants to school. I was always a tomboy. Not that many girls wear skirts to my highschool, but I developed a taste for skirts. I would love to wear a black skirt to school on the first day, but the idea of ppl staring at me makes me a little nervous.

Should I wear pants or a skirt to school????

Any advice would be appreciated. :(

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At my school we strictly have to wear WHITE shirts with collars and BLACK bottoms that aren't too tight or too loose. No jeans or regular white shirts or shirts with writing and stuff or else we get suspended for 3 days. :/

Eh, if only we could wear black shirts too....

That'd be fine by me. :D

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Guest Lia <3

yeah i have to wear a navyblue,lightblue and white school shirt with navy blue pants its horrible cant wait till next yr thou get to ear a skirt with the white button up shirts and tie hell yeah :D

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